Thursday, June 6, 2013


Yesterday was quite the day.  It started by us going to a converted observation deck that is now a historical site about the building of Canberra.  Then we went to the Parliament House and got to watch a vote on the house floor!!!! 

Then we went to their War Memorial.  An amazing place that has sites on all the various wars and military conflicts.  Fascinating!  Especially since it had replicas of WWI and II planes and tanks, uniforms and photos.  We could have spent all day there. 

Afterwards we had a rehearsal then a PACKED concert in the Wesley Uniting Church!  The students play really well.  It was a great day!!!!

For those wondering why the students are not posting on the blog, they are using Facebook instead.  I plan to have each post their favorite photos of the entire trip once we get back so we can have a big collage.

This trip has been nothing short of wonderful!  The students of PLU are being amazing ambassadors!  Parents, you should be proud!

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