Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 3 in Melbourne was fantastic beyond all description.  First I met some family for the first time.  I spent most of the day with them while the students perused the Queen Victoria Market (like Pike Place but HUGE).  It was lovely to meet these members of the family who are the offspring of a Great Grand Father who immigrated to Australia in the late 1800s. 

Later we had a sound check at St. Steven's Church, UGH!  Jet lagged!!!!  Then the Heidelberg Wind Ensemble came and we shared a concert.  When it came time, THE WIND ENSEMBLE STEPPED UP!!!!!!!!  It was electric with energy!  The audience loved it and the response was really great.  Afterward, they had a reception for us and we had a chance to visit.  It was a really nice time!  Since I was a little busy, I do not have pix, I will post them once I can get them from the various sources.  It was indeed a great day!  A day that made me proud of PLU.


  1. So cool! Thanks for letting us "be there" so we can experience your adventure vicariously. :)

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  3. Barb Vidal
    Thank you for the pictures and updates and letting us sit in on the trip. :)